Simple Guide on what to do if you find yourself locked out

by | Nov 10, 2020

Being locked out of the house is never fun. In fact, it’s one of the worst things that can happen. Especially if you have pets inside, children inside or you’ve left the oven on. Here’s our top 4 tips on what to do if you find yourself locked out of your house.

1- Don’t Panic


Try your best to keep calm, and carry on… It’s natural to get worried and make poor decisions. No, it’s not a good idea to break a window. According to my job quote, you could be paying £100-£200 to replace a broken window in this case, it would be cheaper finding a 24/7 locksmith to complete the job. The best advise we have for you is to take a breath, gather your thoughts and think clearly. This isn’t the end of the world, and pretty soon you will be back in your home.

2- Check For Open Windows & Doors

upvc door with lock

This might sound obvious, but a staggering one in four people leave their doors unlocked meaning you may be locked out of one door, but another could be open. Check the perimeter for any unlocked windows or doors, if you find one you may be in luck if you can get in. Remember it’s not worth squeezing through the smallest window in the house, that will bring on more challenges (no need for a trip to the hospital).

3- Call a Locksmith

locksmith in belfast at harland and wolff crane

Sometimes you’ve just got to let the professionals take care of it, but this doesn’t come without its own challenges. Locksmithing is an unregulated market, meaning anyone can watch a few youtube videos and call themselves a locksmith. You still need to do your due diligence here. When choosing a locksmith you want to make sure you’re getting someone who is trustable, reliable & offers a guarantee (without those sneaky hidden costs).

Try asking a family member for a referral, failing that check Google. You could search locksmith near me to find the nearest locksmith in your area. Remember to check their reviews and their website to get a general feeling of the locksmith, and when you call make sure to ask for an estimate as well as if there are any additional charges (like VAT or call out charges).

4- Time to Improvise

credit card

If you’ve tried all of the above and you can’t get in, or get a locksmith – your last option is to try and improvise. You may have watched films where it looks really easy to get pick a lock, and the truth is on some locks it is.

Depending on the type of lock you have easiest method to get in is the card method. Use a card you don’t mind destroying (there’s a good chance you won’t be able to use this card again) like a gift card or old debit card.

1. Insert the card between the frame and the door, pressed against the latch.
2. Press the card upright to the door and start to wiggle the card around.
3. As you apply pressure, wiggle the card away from the door in an attempt to push the lock back, this works best if you push your weight against the door.
4. Try push or pull the door while the card is in place.

Important: We are not trying to teach you how to pick a lock, but if you are locked out and this works for you then you should consider calling a local locksmith to upgrade your security.

Written By Paul

A local locksmith in Belfast with a love for the city (Belfast is a great place to live), history & food. When I'm not changing locks, you will find me writing about them.

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